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Vasodilator and DHT blocker Now with Read more

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Give your patients the benefit of, safest hair regrowth treatment. Natural Hair Growth Enhancer.

NEW IMPROVED & ADVANCED FORMULA with L-Arginine+Anagain+Saw Palmetto

· Finasteride like action without its side effects. · Safe and dependable hair regrowth treatment for both male and female pattern baldness.

· Covers all aspects related to arresting hair loss and promoting hair growth. · Compatible with other hair products.

Dual action Vasodilator and DHT blocker Now with Ø L-Arginine: Slows down the hair loss Promotes healthy hair growth Ø AnaGain:

Most innovative hair care ingredient Re-activates the hair growth, Gives re-balancing effect on the natural hair cycle

Contains: L-arginine 1.00%,Anagain 1.00%, Saw palmetto 6.00%, Nettles leaf Extract 1.00%, Ginseng Root Extract 1.00%, Papain Extract 1.00%,Biotin 0.10%, Aloe vera 12.00%

Directions of use : Apply once or twice daily on the affected area. Take a small quantity of Foligain  hair lotion and gently apply it on the scalp till is evenly absorbed. It  should be kept 6 to 8 hours.

Pack Size: 100 ml

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