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Brand: wonbiogen
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Advantage: Silicon gel include easy administration, even for sensitive skin and in children. It can be applied for any irregular skin or scar surfaces.

the face, moving parts (joints and flexures) and any size of scars. A tube of 15 gram contains enough silicone gel to treat 3-4 inches (7.5-10 cm) scar twice a day for over 90 days.

It helps to reduce the appearance of scars resulting from: · Stretch Marks · Stitches · Surgery Marks · Insects Bite · Acne Cuts & Scrapes  · Burns.

Direction of Use: Wash the scar area and surrounding area thoroughly with water or physiological saline, then dry. After washing and drying take a small amount of product & gently spread on the scar area. Apply to the scar area twice a day, in the morning and evening.

Precautions: · Do not use on open wound, but only on scars. · This product should not be used near eyes or Ocular mucosa. · Do not use with other skin remedies or skin care products. · It should not be used while the scar has a scab or a surgical suture. Direction of Keeping: Avoid high temperature and high humidity. Avoid direct sunlight and keep it in indoor place. Store at room temperature (1-30 C).

Silicone gel:  contains long chain silicone polymer (polyclones), silicone dioxide and volatile component. It spreads as an ultra-thin sheet and works 24 hours per day. It has a self-drying technology and itself dries within 4-5 minutes. It has been reported to be effective and produce 86% reduction in texture, 84% in color and 68% in height of scars. It has benefits in scars like-

It increases regulation of fibroblast production and reduction in collagen production resulting into softer and flatter scar. It protects the scarred tissue from bacterial invasion and prevents bacteria-induced excessive collagen production in the scar t It reduces itching and discomfort associated with scars. It modulates fibroblast growth factor B (FGF B) and tumor growth factor B (TGF B).

Scar treatment safety and efficacy: Topical silicon gel is safe and effective treatment for superficial scars, hypertrophic and keloidal scars. It is used safely in many different cosmetic and medical products because it is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. It is effective, no fixation is required; it is invisible when dry; and sun blocks, makeup or both can be applied in combination.

Pack Size; 15g

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