Anti-stretch mark Lotion

Minimizes the stretch marks of Pregnancy and adolescence
Helps in regaining the firmness of the skin

Stretchgard Crearn
Work on your pregnancy stretch marks BEFORE they even happen... safely & naturally!!
Stretch marks during pregnancy are very common and affect more than half the pregnant women. They appear as purplish or bright red lines and can be quite itchy as they are formed.

Why Stretch Marks occur?
The deeper layer of the skin called the dermis is composed of elastic fibers called elastin as well as collagen. Whenever. there is a rapid change in skin stretch, as in pregnancy, the elastic fibers in this deeper layer can't cope up with the rapid change. This results in the damage of the underlying connective tissue, which appears as stretch marks.

Where they can appeai?
They can appear at all areas where the skin is undergoing rapid changes, In pregnancy, they appear all around the belly extending up to the back, the breasts and even the buttocks.


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while much of the effect depends upon your skin type: this condition can be mitigated by external help that aids in treating your skin appropriately and aiding elasticity.

Stretchgard is a unique herbal preparation that has been specifically created for the prevention or minimization of stretch marks. Its natural ingredients have stood the test of time and ensure that it is completely safe to be used during pregnancy.


Stretchgard Lotion

Ingredients and their effects
Each of the ingredients of Stretchgard  have been advocated for skin related disorders in ancient texts on Ayurveda. These ingredients have been carefully chosen to create a lotion that has been proven safe for the skin. The herbal ingredients with their effects are listed below:

Manjishta (Rubia cordifolla) 3.00% WN
This is well acclaimed for combating ulcers, improving the complexion and it helps stop the spread of skin disorders.

Neem (Azadirachta indica) 2.00% WN
This time-tested tree is useful in controlling sk'n itch, chronic diseases and ulcers. It is claimed to help the localization of abscesses and boils, hence useful in averting secondary infection.

Til (Sesamum indicum) taila 15.00% WN
Nourishes the skin and increases the suppleness, helping improve resistance to distension also provides elasticity to the skin.

Kumari (Aloe barBADENSIS) 5.00% WN
Now a days Kumari (Aloe barbadensis) has become one of the popular cosmetic aid as it moisturizes, heals and regenerates (he skm. The plant is proved to be anti-burn and cosmetic aid which softens rough skin, relieves skin irritation and sunburn. Documented properties of the plant in skin are as moisturizer and emollient 10, also it is used externally for conditioning the skin.

Yashtimandu (Glycyrrhiza glabra) 5.00% WN
Helps in regeneration of torn epithelial cells of the vulnerable skin during abdominal distension, and It is cooling and improves the body's resistance to infection and improves the complexion. Stretchgard lotion has all the ingredients mixed in an inert base necessary to effectively reduce the incidence of stretch marks.

How it works?
Stretchgard penetrates the skin. working its way down to the deeper layers. The lotion increases suppleness of the skin from within, allowing it to cope with the strain placed on it during pregnancy, thereby reducing the incidence of stretch marks. Unlike some other lotions, which contain chemicals and may not be used during pregnancy, Stretchgard is Completely Safe. Moreover, it is Non-Greasy and Non-Staining and rapidly absorbed by the skin. A clinical trial conducted to test the efficacy of Stretchgard in pregnant women over the full term revealed that the combined incidence of moderate to severe stretch marks is nearly 3 times lower in pregnant women when they have used Stretchgard lotion as directed, as compared to the non-users.

Method of applying Stretchgard:
Squeeze out the lotion in your palm makes a thin film over stomach, abdomen and other affected area. Rub gently with fingers till it disappears into skin, twice a day or as directed by physician.

Duration, of use of Stretchgard Lotion:
For pregnancy stretch marks:
To be applied twice a day from the 4th month of pregnancy and continue until one month after the baby is born (avoid on breasts if breastfeeding)
For stretch marks due to weight gain:
To be applied twice a day for four month.

Side Effects
Stretchgard is not known to have any side effects when applied topically. However, in case of persistent itchiness or allergic reaction, discontinue use immediately and consult your doctor. For a safe natural treatment during pregnancy that would stimulate your skin cells and minimize the incidence of itchiness and stretch marks, consider using Stretchgard lotion.

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