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Caremeal Balanced Low-Calorie Diet

Enriched with Fibersol-2 for Sustain Energy release


Nutrition in Weight Management

Flavour: Vanilla, Mango, Chocolate

Caremeal BLCD is all what you need for healthy weight loss……

Your route to, Effective ,Weight loss

Ingredients: 1.Low Calorie. 2. Provides less than 1 Kcal / ml. 3. High Protein. 4. 42% HBV Protein. 5. Enriched with Fiber & inulin. 6. To provide satiety.

7.Low in Fat. 8. Fat in the form of MCT enery. 9. Low GI CHO. 10. Resistant dextrin: Fibersol-2 for sustain energy release, safe for diabetics.

Direction for serving – 50gm (1 Sachet) of Cearmeal BLCD shoid get dissolved in 200 ml of water.

50g (per serving), Energy 185 Kcal, Protein 21g CHO 24g, Fat 1.25g, Fiber 3.50g

Specifications Descriptions
Gluten Free, Transfat Free, Lactose Free

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