Ethiglo Soap

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Skin whitening creamy soap with deep cleansing... Read more


Skin whitening creamy soap with deep cleansing...

Contain : Kojic acid, Glycolic acid, Glycerine, Tio2 .

Ethiglo creamy skin whitening  soap with its deep cleansing and special actives helps to reduce blemishes and lightens skin tone. Anyone would love to indulge herself in creamy feel and foam of Ethiglo while its special formula with mili globules cleanses and work on improving  her complexion and skin tone. Regular use of Ethiglo `creamy skin whitening soap will help to achieve the skin complexion.

Directions for use: Apply soap on humid skin of face & neck. Massage gently and rentily and remove with abun- dant water.

Speccial notes : Stop use immediately and see the doctor if skin irritation occurs at all.

For the treatment of

· Melasma  · Post Acne black spot · Dull complexion

Pack Size: 75g Bar

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