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Parents Want To See Their Children Smart & IntelligentParents Want To See Their Children Smart & Intelligent. They Need Proper “Brain Nutrition”….

2014 / 2016 …DHA intake may contribute to optimal conditions for brain development. …Most data from human studies concern the contribution of DHA to optimal visual acuity development. …While DHA levels may affect early development, potential effects are also increasingly recognized in childhood and adulthood, suggesting a role for DHA in cognitive decline and associated with severe psychiatric illness. …The following wording reflects the scientific evidence: “DHA contributes to normal brain development”…06 Months to 24Months 100 DHA /  Daily …02 Years to 18 Years 250mg DHA  /  Daily “Babies Need To Grow Healthy For Better Nation.......” DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) Works For Babies By Help In:  · Learn Faster. · Concentrate Better. · Better Cognitive & Social Skills. · Better Awareness. · Better Brain Development. · Helps Proper Immune System Development.

  Product Profile: 15 ml Contains.

Tuna Fish oil DHA 70% = 250 mg, L-Glutamic Acid = 100 mg, Vitamin A  = 1,000 IU, Vitamin D = 100 IU, Vitamin E = 5 mg, Vitamin B1 =0.7 mg, Vitamin B2 = 0.85 mg, Vitamin B3= 8 mg.

· DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) Is Well Known To Help With · Both IQ & EQ (Intelligence & Emotional Quotient). · Study Revealed That At Least 65% DHA Is Required For Better

· IQ  & Mental State. · Oil Obtained From Tuna Fish Demonstrate High Bioavailability. · Which Ensure Better Absorption & Long Lasting In The Blood. · So, DHA 70% In Smart IQ Syrup Is Much More Better Than Other Fish Oil. · Smart IQ Syrup Yields Greater Effect In Brain & Eyesight Development. · Smart IQ Syrup Better Help In Improve Cognitive Skills. L-Glutamic Acid   · Necessary For Neurotransmitter Generation. · Essential Component For Central Nervous System. · Directly Related With Faster Learning. · Boost High Cognitive Skills. · Helps In Sharpen Memory.

Vitamin A,D,E & B · Vitamin A, D, E Help In The Proper Body Function. · B Vitamins Help to Improve The Nervous System and Improve General Weakness of The Brain.

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