Glutafine Soap

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Glutathione soap ULTRA RICH CREAMY Read more

GlycerineAloe VeraVitamin E 0.25%Kojic Acid 0.50%Best ever highest Combination :-Vitamin C 0.25%Glutathione 1.00%

Deep cleansing property : Improves the skin complexion,elasticity & skin tone.Useful for hyperpigmentation, melasma, dull complexion, uneven skin tone, dirk circle.Removes dirt impurities and reduces blemishes

without irritating the skin. For radiant, refresed & healthy looking skin. Glutathione - The most potent skin lightening & brightening molecule.

How it works : Glutafine soap demonstrate glowing effects as glutathione, kojic acid,Vitamin C inhibit production of melanin. Vitamin C also supports skin elasticity. Vitamin E proven to helpful for skin. Alovera and glycerine provide no irritation and moisturizing effects.

Safety Issue : Whitening effects of Glutafine soap are permanent only if you maintain by avoiding exposure to sunlight. There is a tendency for you to be tan or darken your skin if you expose yourself to sunlight of other harsh environment. Apply it in gentle manner on face and all over the body. Lather for at least 3 minutes then rinse well. Pat dry with a clean towel.Application : Glutathione is generally well tolerated. But it to be avaoid it any hypersensitivity occurs.

Pack Size: 75 gm

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