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Mega-3 (Enrich in poly unsaturated fatty acids Omega-3)

Description: Mega-3(Omega-3) are considered an essential fatty acid which means that they areessential for human health but cannot be manufactured by the body and to be obtainedfrom sea food.The most active Omega-3 fats are Eicosapentaenoic acid(EPA) andDocosahexaenoic acld (DHA).The body needs EPA to produce prostaglandin-E3(PgE3),which able to perform numarous physiological functions Including regulating bloodpressure and blood platelets,water retention and immune function.DHA is required forthe normal development of the brain and eyes, especially of the fetus and infants.Omega-3(EPA&DHA)are also components of nerve cells and cellular membrane.Theyare converted by the body in to Ecosanoids,leukotrienes and all of which are neededevery secand by most tissue activities in the body.

Neurological and psychiatric disorders:

Moga-3,(Omega-3) fatty acids have been suggested as treatment of a variety of psychiatricllnesses,such as depression,Bl-polar disorder,alcoholism etc but most research relates to their usen schizophrenia,whare casa reports and prospective trials suggest efficacy,Balance intake ofmega-3(Omega-3)have bean found to a significant decreaso in ago-rolated momory loso and cognl-ive impairment and lowerrisk of developing Alzheimer's disease. (Ref:The Maudsley prescribinguidelines 2005-2006 page 69)

For pregnant and lactating mothers: One capsule twice daily justy before meal. All the dosages should be adjusted and followed as per the healthcare provider's suggestion.

Contraindication & precautions: Hypersensitivity of Omega-3. Taking more than 10 caps per day one could feel discomfort, Fishy taste, Nausea etc. Concomitant se with anti-coagulant should be under health care provider. tirage: Keep in a cool preferably lower than 25' dry place and protected from light and heat. Keep the container tightly sealed.

References: *Lipid derived antocoids: Ecosanoids and platelet activating factor, Jason D. Morrow and L. Jackson Roben (11). Godman and Gilman's. The pharmacological-Basis of therapeutias -10th Edition. *Josph R.Hibbeir and Norman Salem,Jr,Published in American Joumal of clinical Nutrition 1995.62.1-9. *Fish consumtion and the boyer risk of fatal myocard al infarcton by Martha & Daviglus M. D. Ph.D Seremla Stamler,Ant hory J. Orancia. M.D Ph.D et al printed in the new England Joumal of medicin 3361046-1053(Apnl 10,1997). Omega-3 fatty acids in respiratory disease a reviaw by Howard R.Knap M.D.PhD FACN Department of internal Medicine,universally of IOWA College of Medicine,Dowa city publishe in Joumnal of the American College Nutrition Vol 14 No 18-23 (1995). *Daviglus ML, Stamler J,Orencia AJ, DyerAR Liu K, Greenland Pet al. Fish consumption and the 30 year risk fatal myocardial infarction. N Engl J Med 1997;336:1046-53. *Albert CM,Hennekens CH,O'Donnell CJAJanl UA,Carey VJ. Wilett WC, et al. Fish consumption and risk sudden cardiac death. JAMA 1998.-279:23-8. *Singh RB,Niaz MA, Sharma JP Kumar R, Rastogi V, Moshiri M. Rondomized, double-blind,Placebo controlle trail offish oil and mustard oil in patients with suspected acute myocardial infarction: the Indian experiment infarct survival-4. Cardiovasc Drugs ther 1997;11:485-91. *Kris-Etherton PM, Harris WS, Apple LJ for the Nutrision Committee.AHA scientific statement. Fis nd candlovascular disease. Circulation 2002,106:2747-57.

Diabetes: DHA of omega-3 fatty acids enhance the integrity and fluidity of the cellular membrane that increase he responsive of insulin receptors, resulting in more sensitivity to insulin and utilization of glucose an Omoga-3 fatty acid found in fish oil appears to improve insulin function in overweight individuals who are vulnerable of type 2 diabetes.(NIDDM)(Ref: American Joumal of clinical nutrition 2000)

Dosages and administration: Children-(2-12 years)one capsule once daily just before meal. Adolescent &Adult-one capsule two to three times dally just before meal.

Presentation: 60 Capsules in each bottle.

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